Warmers Hardwood Briquettes 88 packs

  • Hardwood Briquettes
  • High calorific value
  • Burn long and hot
  • Low ash residue
  • Low moisture content under 10%
  • Each pack contains 6 Briquettes
  • 88 packs on a palllet




Warmers briquettes are an incredible alternative to traditional firewood. Made up of compressed sawdust, the hardwood briquettes are easy to light and offer an exceptionally higher heat output and burn time compared to traditional logs.

To achieve a maximum burn time and effective heat output when burning it’s best to start the fire with a moderate amount of briquette to allow for expansion. The briquettes should be left alone as poking the fire will reduce burn time.

These briquettes do not spit or spark whilst they burn, making them safe and ideal to use on open fires, stoves, fire pits and chimineas.

Additional information

Weight 1000 kg