Fancy Feed Fenland Waterfowl Pellets 20kg

Fancy Feed
  • Fully Balanced with vitamins & minerals
  • Contains sel-plex Organic selenium to support egg shell integrity
  • Optimises gut health and immune response
  • Supports tissue integrity, feather production and egg development



Fancy feed fenland waterfowl pellets are formulated to provide a complete balanced diet for all types of ducks, geese and waterfowl.

With quality protein levels and essential nutrients to promote good health and well being, fancy feed waterfowl pellets is a very popular feed.

Waterfowl pellets are rich in omega 6 fatty acids to support egg production and feather quality. And Fully balanced with vitamins and minerals to support egg shell integrity.



Protein 15.5%

Oil 4.5%

Fibre 4%

Ash 6%

Additional information

Weight 20 kg

Fancy Feed