Deluxe Parrot with Fruit 3kg

Bamfords Top Flight
  • Premium Parrot mix
  • Great variety of tropical fruits, nuts, berries and dried vegetables
  • Replicates your parrots natural feeding habits.
  • Pure and natural
  • Additive free
  • Can be fed all year round


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Bamfords Top Flight Deluxe parrot with fruit, is a premium parrot mix. With a wide selection of tasty tropical fruits, nuts, berries and dried vegetables, this is the perfect mixture to add natural flavour and nutrition to your parrots diet. Whilst also replicating their natural feeding habits.

This balanced and richly varied mixture nourishes these intelligent birds and provides them with positive stimulation on a daily basis.

Suitable for Amazons, Macaws & African Greys.

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Weight 3 kg

Bamfords Top Flight

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