960kg of Blazers Briquettes

  • FSC Sourced
  • No dangerous sparks and spitting due to good combustion
  • Less smoke because of lower humidity
  • Ideal for open fireplaces and stoves
  • Each log weighs 2kg
  • Pack Dimensions: Length 480mm x Width 270mm x Depth 90mm
  • Less CO2 emissions due to constantly burning at a high temperature
  • Use of pure wood chippings free of any additives
  • The remaining ash can be used as a nutritious fertiliser
  • No resin, no insects
  • Due to compression, little space needed for storage blazers eco logs

Comes Palletised, 1 pallet contains  96 x 10kg packs  of Blazers Briquettes.




The original Briquette and one of the most popular compressed sawdust logs money can buy.

Blazers Eco Logs have no glues or additives which means there are no sparks or spitting. They are environmentally friendly, burns hotter and heats quicker than firewood logs. This results in less tar and cleaner chimneys. Blazers Briquettes are also clean and easy to handle.

The blazer log is a market leader in its own field and was the first products of its type in the UK.

Additional information

Weight 1000 kg