48 Bales of Bedmax Shavings

Bedmax Shavings
  • Dust removed during manufacture
  • Provides support for hooves
  • Manages moisture
  • Cushions hocks and joints
  • Improves rest & maintains hygiene
  • Larger flakes
  • Great Value
  • Long lasting
  • 20kg Bales
  • Comes palletized 48x 20 kg Bales


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The Bedmax Shavings have been specially developed for the needs of the stabled horse. Preferred by many horse owners due to their large cut, these wood shavings are also double screened for dust to help reduce the risk of your horse respiratory problems through being stabled. Bedmax Shavings have one of the lowest levels of dust on the horse bedding market.

The higher proportion of large cut shavings also help to provide a softer, deeper more aerated bed than other brands of shavings. Bedmax also drains moisture from the top layer down to the smaller, more absorbent layer beneath; and so it lasts longer.

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Weight 960 kg