10kg of Woodlets Woodpellets

  • Premium quality wood fuel.
  • Complies with ENplusA1 standard.
  • Clean burning
  • Low Ash levels
  • Derived from 100% virgin soft wood.
  • 100% renewable energy.
  • Ultra low CO2 output.
  • Grown and produced in the UK.
  • BSL Approved
  • 10kg bag


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Woodlets is the UK’s leading brand of super premium grade wood pellets. Woodlets are BSL registered and fully RHI compliant and made from 100% UK sourced sustainable timber. The 6mm pellets are premium quality, made by using 100% virgin wood fibres with no additives. This ensures they burn beautifully and are exceptionally clean.

Can be used on all biomass boilers /stoves,  as horse bedding, cat litter or for cleaning up spillages.

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