1 Bale of Thoroughbred Shavings

  • High quality Bales
  • Dust extracted
  • Thoroughbreds high quality sawdust is one of the best bedding materials available for horses and ponies
  • The softwood used for sawdust is kiln-dried which makes it very absorbent
  • Clean & comfortable
  • Hygienic
  • Bagged on line, reducing the risk of harmful additives
  • 20kg bale

Before purchasing please contact us to arrange delivery unless you are going to collect.


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Thoroughbreds pure softwood shavings have been one of the market leading brands for nearly 20 years. Thoroughbred wood shavings are a fine dust extracted wood shaving (important for allergic horses). They are also very absorbent and easy to muck out. A well prepared natural bed made from Thoroughbred shavings gives peace of mind that your stabled horse is clean dry and most definitely comfortable.

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Weight 20 kg